EDU 5415 –  Introduction to Educational Administration                                                                                           Fall    2004

Professor Jonathan Hughes, Ph.D.





   School District Almanac Connolly-Cormack, 2004).  (Suffolk County)

   School District Almanac Connolly-Cormack, 2004). (Nassau County) 

CD-ROM by Jonathan Hughes – EDU 5415


Course Description per Graduate Bulletin, St. John’s University, 2004 – 2006

The introductory course in school administration encompasses school operations, community relations, negotiations, and inter-organizational relationships.



Accountability Project – Correlational Study



The course was the first course for this cohort.  We hit the ground running and were introduced to Harvard Graphics; a highly versatile tool for creating presentations.  CD ROMs were provided as part of the instructional package for this class.  We utilized data from Nassau and Suffolk County SCOPE Almanacs to create a correlational study on successful ELA practices of four similar school districts from Long Island’s East End.  Brigid Collins and I formed a small group of two to accomplish this assignment.  Brigid went into labor and gave birth to her son Robert James the next meeting.  I was happy to present our finds and realized that in the business world the show must go on.  We learned a lot about utilized the available data for use in leadership positions and the value that this data plays in decision making at every level.    



Class notes:

Long Island Demographics – Long Island Data Base

Almanac Demographics

Fiscal Benchmarks – Revenues and Expenditures

Instructional Benchmarks for District Management

New Realities for Schools

Text and references for EDU 5415