EDU 5655 – Data Analysis                                                                                                                                   Fall   2005

Professor Jonathan T. Hughes, Ph.D.





The SPSS Student Version provides affordable, professional statistical analysis and modeling tools to students. The easy-to-use interface and comprehensive online help system enable students to learn statistics, not software


Course Description per Graduate Bulletin, St. John’s University, 2004 – 2006

This course provides an introduction to the principles of statistical inquiry and their application to educational problems. Students will formulate research questions and hypotheses and use descriptive and inferential statistics to investigate the research questions. Students will learn to write research reports summarizing and interpreting results of the analyses.




Urbana Public Schools


Class notes:


Class notes



We used “SPSS” which is a statistical software package.  This is such a powerful tool and everyone who is involved in research is familiar with it.  We designed and developed a survey and analyzed data using SPSS.  The software provides vivid graphics and visual representations of the date being studied.  During the course, we had to develop appropriate, non-bias questions to use as part of the data analysis.  The very practical use of this tool will help anyone doing research in the future.   I really enjoyed this class because I am not afraid of trying new software or any other tools that technology has to offer.