EDU 5990 – Dissertation Seminar                                                                                                        Spring 2007

Professor Korynne Taylor-Dunlop, Ed.D.






Practical Research: Planning and Design (8th Edition) by Paul D. Leedy and Jeanne Ellis Ormrod


Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition (Paperback) by American Psychological Association


How to Conduct Your Own Survey (Paperback) by Priscilla Salant (Author), Don A. Dillman


Writing the Doctoral Dissertation (Paperback) by Gordon B. Davis



Course Description per Graduate Bulletin, St. John’s University, 2004 – 2006

Original research leading to the doctoral degree. Students who have passed the doctoral comprehensive examination and completed all course work requirements register for Research Seminar.




Chapter 1 - Introduction

Class notes:

The 5 chapters of the dissertation:

·         Chapter 1 (Introduction)

·         Chapter 2 (Review of the Literature)

·         Chapter 3 (Methodology)

·         Chapter 4 (Findings)

·         Chapter 5 (Conclusions and Recommendations)

Dissertation structure


Class Reflections:

This class was the one that everyone in the cohort was waiting for; how to write a dissertation.   Since the first day of class, I had no idea how to set up the research document.  It seemed like an impossibility to write that many pages.  After getting direct instruction and explanations for the content and significance of each chapter, the goal of completing a dissertation seems obtainable with a lot of hard work.  We were taught to be a good researcher we had to use the data to formulate decisions.  Also, researchers need to be active and unbiased listeners.  The goal of completing a dissertation must be approached by a researcher who perseveres until they are done.  Dr. Korynne Taylor-Dunlop, Ed.D. endless hours going over the components of the dissertation and answered many, many questions posed from the very anxious students.  Thank you Dr. Taylor-Dunlop.