EDU 7801 Ė Creating a Digital Portfolio                                                                                               Summer 2006

Professor Jonathan T. Hughes, Ph.D.




Tools and Links for completing St. Johnís digital portfolio:


Front Page


Doctoral Comprehensive Portfolio Exam


Portfolio Assessment


The EdD Portfolio



(J.Hughes, 2003, course outline EDU 7801, St. Johnís University)

Educational leaders are now expected to know the essential elements of a broad spectrum of leadership and educational theories related to successful practice. To develop an understanding of the principles of scientific inquiry and theory and to apply theories to successful administrative planning and decision-making is one of the essential characteristics of good practice. Thus, the intent of this course is to present the principles and characteristics of scientific inquiry with an eye toward developing a research toolbox for practitioners.




Creation of our Digital Portfolio Ė Susan A. MacDonald website



Class notes:


100 Research Websites Ė provided by Dr.  Jonathan Hughes


Class reflections:


This course taught us how to create a digital portfolio.  Creating the portfolio is part of the requirements of St. Johnís Doctoral program in Educational Leadership and Accountability.  It is a great resource for each student to organize and utilize the information they were exposed to throughout the coursework.   These websites are also very valuable for each student when seeking advancement in their careers.