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The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible.

Richard M. DeVos

Learner  - This folio is a representation of my individual and group work throughout my coursework in St. John's doctoral program. Please click on the course number or course title below for details related to each course:

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St. Johnís University

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EDU 5103

Educational Governance

Professor Kevin McGuire, PhD


An analysis of the school community context in

considering board policies and the development

of working relationships with community

members setting considering standards,

accountability, pressure groups, and political

ideologies; the interaction of the school system

and its political environment in the development



EDU 5420


Professor Frank Smith, PhD


Analysis of political powers and authority that

influence the structure and function of schools.

The first course in politics focuses on the

micropolitics of the school and its immediate

social and political environment.



EDU 5721

Collective Bargaining

Professor Jonathan Hughes, PhD


Collaborative decision making and bargaining

to provide an effective instructional and working




EDU 5743

Educational Planning

Professor Kevin McGuire, PhD


Planning and Decision making.



EDU 5571

Administrative Leadership

Professor Kevin McGuire, PhD


The course focuses on the administrative role

of building principal in developing a successful

context for the improvement of instructional

performance in cognitive and affective dimensions

as well as effective day-to-day operational

practices of the school.



EDU 7701

Research and Development Instruction

Professor Frank Smith, PhD


Research in and development of diagnostic

skills to analyze individual learning styles and

the subsequent designing of instructional prescriptions

based on each studentís unique characteristics.




EDU 5105


Multicultural Organizations

Professor Roxanne Mitchell, Ed.D


Considers the collaboration of school, student,

family, and community resources in the development

of diverse views on schooling.



EDU 5415

Introduction to Administration

Professor Jonathan Hughes, PhD


The introductory course in school administration

encompasses school operations, community

relations, negotiations, and inter-organizational relationships.



EDU 5419

Advanced Study in Organizational Theory

Professor Frank Smith, PhD


The second course in theoretical perspectives

closely considers a small number of theories to

give practitioners access to the research literature

of the field and to frame problems as

researchable questions.


Management Science

EDU 5665

Data Analysis

Professor Jonathan Hughes, PhD


This course provides an introduction to the principles of statistical inquiry and their application to educational problems. Students will formulate research questions and hypotheses and use descriptive and inferential statistics to investigate the research questions. Students will learn to write research reports summarizing and interpreting results of the analyses.



EDU 5741

Economic Finance

Professor Kevin McGuire, PhD


Establishment and management of district

budget and finances to support achievement

of educational goals and facilities development.




EDU 5990

Dissertation Seminar

Professor Korynne Taylor-Dunlop, Ed.D


Original research leading to the doctoral degree. Students who have passed the doctoral comprehensive examination and completed all course work requirements register for Research Seminar. Must be taken each semester until dissertation and oral are approved.




EDU 7211

Statistics I

Professor Roxanne Mitchell, Ed.D


This course

examines advanced research and statistical

design approaches, including multivariate

analysis, multiple regression, causal modeling,

factor analysis, multiple regression, causal modeling,

factor analysis, instrument validity and

reliability analysis and meta-analysis.



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EDU 7801

Creating a Digital Portfolio

Professor Jonathan Hughes, PhD


An overview of the creation and development of the doctoral digital portfolio Ė a requirement for  the doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership and Accountability.



EDU 7900

Qualitative Research, Methods & Design

Professor Korynne Taylor-Dunlop, Ed.D


This course focuses on a variety of qualitative

approaches to discipline and inquiry that can

be brought to bear on the problems in education

and also examines underlying theoretical

frameworks of these approaches. The course

provides opportunities for students to develop

knowledge and skills in the various qualitative

techniques and methods.



EDU 7901

Advanced Research Design

Professor Frank Smith, PhD


This course advances the principles and concepts developed

in EDU 5655 and EDU 7211. The course

will include instrument development, data collection

strategies, and advanced data analysis

techniques using statistical software.






Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.