EDU 5741 – Education and Finance                                                                                                        Fall   2006

Professor Kevin McGuire, Ph D.


Course Description per Graduate Bulletin, St. John’s University, 2004 – 2006

Establishment and management of district budget and finances to support achievement of educational goals and facilities development.




Involving Teachers in Data Driven Decision Making


5 Ideas for Improving Student Achievement


Class notes:


Class Notes


Reallocating Resources: How to Boost Student Achievement Without Asking for More


Course reflections:


This class should be taken by every decision making administrator in a school district.  There is so much you can do just by reallocating your resources.  The New York State homeowner votes on a school budget every May on an annual basis.   It includes the amount of money the school district will have available for that year.  With the cost of living continually rising, the school district suffers many times as a result.  By taking a close look at actual expenditures and placing the funds in the appropriate areas can produce successful schools and happy homeowners.


The text book is very comprehensive and I have referred to it many times since the conclusion of this class.