EDU 7901 – Advanced Research Design                                                                                     Spring 2005

Professor Frank Smith, PH D.


How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education by Jack Fraenkel and Norman Wallen

Course Description per Graduate Bulletin, St. John’s University, 2004 – 2006

This course advances the principles and concepts developed in EDU 5655 and EDU 7211. The course will include instrument development, data collection strategies, and advanced data analysis techniques using statistical software.




Potential Research Questions for Cohort 6


Class notes:


Class syllabus – Dr. Frank Smith


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Class Reflections:

This course dealt with authentic research.  The book and it’s accompanying CD –ROM outlined the chapters and had exercises for each section. The CD-ROM was interactive and enlightening as the correct answers were revealed and explained.  Interactive software is always very motivation for me and I think the majority of students.  This kept our interest as we   Explanations were given when incorrect answers were given and that was helpful to get a better understanding of things.  We choose possible topics and recorded them for every student in the class.  After recording each possible problem statement, we clarified the statement and asked questions.  After clarification, we began to write the first three chapters of a possible dissertation.  The practical exposure to writing a dissertation, the better each student felt about tackling the daunting task of writing their doctoral dissertation efficiently.